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Keri in MEGA Giantess Dystopia

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Keri in MEGA Giantess Dystopia
Running Time:
21 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, pov, crush, booty
Description :     Details – Keri has gotten exactly what she wants. She is super MASSIVE, and back for her own fun. All these cities have monster egos that they are so big, cannot be stopped, nothing is taller than them. They are hoarding all the money now that an economic downturn has arisen. Keri is here to crush them all into the ground, taunt them, curse at them, and humiliate them.

City 1, corporations. Keri announces her arrival. She makes clear of her MASSIVE size. She puts hands on her hips and taunts the city. She identifies it as a bunch of filthy rich corporations, calling it a bunch of corporate Fucks. She says, “All your money means nothing right now, I could wipe my asshole with it.” Keri kneels down and unleashes a fist attack on the city, pounding the buildings into the ground. It's like she is playing a game of whack-a-mole. She laughs as she smashes the buildings, trading curse words for the damage. For the final building, she puts her hands together to form a huge fist and pounds it. She roars in laughter and flexes her arms.

City 2, government. Keri finds the next city. She completely scoffs at it when she finds it is the government. Keri can now get them back for all the money they take from her, for all the useless benefits they provide. Keri sees nothing in return. She says that she is about to shut down the government. Keri does a boob crush on the city. While she is interripted by pretend tanks firing at her. She is angry, gets up, and stomps on them. Keri boob crushes the city again while continuing her tirade and cursing at the government.

City 3, ship yard. Keri stomps on. She encounters the government's primary shipping port. She sees ships sending their products out. Keri says they can't have that, she has to shut this all down. Keri has always had an interesting fascination about sitting on a ship yard to smash it with her butt. She considers the idea while humiliates this city. All the ships in the water remind her of when she goes to the pool. Keri flips off this city and curses more at it. She forces it to smell her butt. When it does not, Keri gets mad. Then, she squats over it, and sits on it doing a butt crush with her back/butt facing in the direction of the camera. She humiliates the ruins and flattens them further.

City 4. Keri is still completely angry from the previous city. She says she wants to totally *uck it up with her big boobs. Continuing with her cursing and humiliation. She does boob crushes on this city to flatten it.

City 5. Keri picks and chooses a few buildings to smash in her hands. Then she gets really pumped up that nothing can stop her, so she chooses to butt crush the rest of the entire city. She squats over it, and sits on it doing a butt crush with her back/butt facing in the direction of the camera. She humiliates the ruins and flattens them further.

Super city. Keri is exasperated at the super city. She is amazed. Only amazed that she realizes she can also make the super city smell her butt. She squats over it and demands it smell her butt. Once it refuses, she stinks it up. She points and laughs at it. Keri squats over it and taunts/humilates the city, hands on her hips looking back at it. She goes in for the final blow, and butt crushes the entire city, with massive flames

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