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Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX

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Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, sfx, people crush, car crush, booms, shakes, feet, hand held,
Description :     I'd like this to be a giantess growth clip were Keri Spectrum accidentally turns her friend Lydia into a giantess with a wish from a gem stone. Lydia and Keri Spectrum are best friends. Keri just got her latest find delivered to her home, a special gem worshiped by an ancient culture that is said to hold incredible magical powers. Specifically, the power to grant wishes. Frustrated at Lydia's obsessive pestering about where she is and what she's doing, Keri doesn't realize the gem she's using is already working while she's holding it in hand, forcing her to make her wish. While her frustration grows Keri accidentally wishes for Lydia to grow so huge that the entire city can see her stupid face and what she's doing for a damn change, until Keri can sit on Lydia's nose. She wonders if she's be able to see her from her apartment high rise. Keri doesn't see the gem emit a strange light that quickly goes out of her open window. At her own house, Lydia just got home too. She sit on her couch, worried and troubled over Keri's recklessness. She's about to give her friend a call when she hears a strange hissing sound. Lydia turns towards the door to see the light enter. Terrified, she gets up to run, but too late! The light hits her hard in the stomach, forcing her double over momentarily. Dizzy and scared, Lydia balances herself, hands outstretched. Wondering what the hell it was all about, she looks over herself. Everything seems fine until she hears a stretching noise coming from her abdomen. The growth begins! Frowning in fear, she looks down and gasps. Wondering why her shirt is shrinking before her eyes, she suddenly gasps in pain and looks down at her feet. Her feet are beginning to bulge and fill up her shoes! After realizing aloud that her clothes aren't shrinking, she's growing, the rest of her clothes start to slowly tear as her head quickly reaches the ceiling. Bump! her head hits the roof, after she grimaces and opens her eyes she gasps as her hands are holding up her ceiling, and she notices in pure fear she can't stop growing! She's scared and terrified. She begs allowed why is she growing and turning into a monster, she doesn't want to be a giant! BOOM! The top of her house is replaced by a cloud of smoke, and Lydia's head quickly sprouts out of it, with the rest of her body behind. Now that she's standing fully erect again, she's holding out her hands to balance herself, examining her own body both in fear and fascination. Lydia can't believe she's still growing, as she says so aloud she looks behind her and gasps. She can see skyscrapers, and their shrinking! Remembering that Keri lives in one of those, she wonders aloud if Keri is behind this, she always had a fetish for giantesses. She decides to head for Keri, her feet booming and causing mini earthquakes in her path. Back at her place, Keri is wondering if it's an earthquake, she heads to her window to see if the city is being destroyed. She gasps,  covers her mouth with eyes wide in terror. It's Lydia! Keri gasps that Lydia ACTUALLY grew, and she's magnificent! But how? She shutters as Lydia suddenly booms out her name. Swearing, Keri opens her window and starts waving, hoping to get her friends attention. As Lydia crushes  cars and fire hydrants and people, she finds her friend in short order. Lydia says aloud in her booming voice that she can't believe she just walked across town in a few seconds! She leans over down close to Keri's window. In her apartment, Keri can only see Lydia's eyes and nose. Lydia demands to know what happened, she didn't ask to be turned into a giant monster. Keri confesses that she thought it'd be hot if Lydia grew, and she was right. Lydia demands to be shrunk back to size but doesn't know how. Her ass wasn't meant to be an actual full moon after all, she jokes. Keri tells her that the only way to shrink back down is to destroy the gem with her on Lydia's face. It's the only way the wish can be fully granted and the gem rendered harmless. Relenting and saying fine, she pulls her face away and reaches off camera for her friend, pulling back a normal sized but small looking to her Keri. As Lydia glares, we see Keri now on Lydia's nose, straddling it as she enjoys the view of her friend's giant eyes. Lydia holds out her hand openly under her face, and keri drops it. After closing her giant fist around it, she then musters all her new found strength and tosses it down, hard. Keri looks down in time to see the rock smash. The clips ends with Lydia shifting her eyes around, wondering how long it takes for her to shrink back down and if she should have some fun with her size while she can and then both girls laughing.

3 Cars Crushed
8 People Crushed
1 fire hydrant kicked

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