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Eclipses Unaware Butt Crush HURTS Remastered

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Eclipses Unaware Butt Crush HURTS Remastered
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Tags: booty, unaware, Eclipse, tiny, shrunk
Description :     This is a different sort of unaware butt crush. There's a decent bit of build up till the tiny woman near where Eclipse is sitting gets sat on, but then the video focuses on how much it hurt Eclipse's butt. She doesn't notice or realize it was a shrunken woman she sat on. She just knows her butt hurts and you get lots of great low angles of her trying to figure it out! This is a remastered version of the video featuring booming footsteps, a few new clips, and all without raising the price! How awesome is that? So show your support and pick this one up today!

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