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Katarina The Wrestler vs the world

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Katarina The Wrestler vs the world
Running Time:
29 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Katarina, pov, cleavage, mega, booms, shakes
Description :     Details – Katarina is the most powerful wrestler on earth. She is extremely powerful and cannot be stopped. Now that she has risen to a giantess, she can exemplify her strength. Her ego is huge. Katarina brags that everyone else is so weak. She is eager to wreck the world and destroy all the cities.

City 1. Katarina is proud to be a giantess. She shows off her strength by flexing and squatting (back facing direction of camera). She walks towards the city, not even noticing it. She almost steps on it, then stops. Katarina curses at it, then she taunts it. She asks, “what it's *ucking problem is”. Then, Katarina's ego sets in. She takes a step back. She taunts the city again, asking what it can do to stop her. When she hears silence, she roars with laughter. Katarina is about to move in. She takes two large stomps towards the city. She pulls up 2 of the buildings and smashes them with her hands, stating how weak they are. All of the sudden.... a tank army arrives. Katarina notices it, and they begin firing at her. Katarina takes the hits. She curses and swears at the tanks. Then, she kneels on the ground near them, and pounds them with her fists. Laughing as they are destroyed. Katarina gets back up, staring at the city. She says she wants to put a wrestling move on it. She does her famous straddling pose with the city between her legs. Then she uses her crotch to smash the city.

City 2. Katarina moves on to the next city. She makes fun of how small it is. She calls it a “little *hitty city”. Katarina flips off/gives the city both middle fingers. She laughs and taunts it some more. She starts to brag about her butt, how great it is. Then she starts comparing it to the city. Katarina has an excellent idea of smashing the entire city with her butt. She is very excited about it, jumping up and down in excitement. Katarina gets sabotaged as a bunch of fighter jets pretend to fire at her. She gets irritated. She swats at some of the plants. The rest fly and crash into her butt. She welcomes it because she knows her butt is invincible. She taunts and laughs at the planes after they are destroyed. Then she squats over the city (back facing direction of camera), and demands that it smell her butt. When she hears silence, she gets angry. She then smashes the entire city with her butt. There is a massive explosion as she smashes it. She laughs at all the damage and destruction and commends her butt.

City 3. Katarina goes on a few minute tirade at the city. She makes fun of its small size, how few buildings there are, and why the buildings look so weak and out of place. It's like they do not belong. She stomps on part of the city with her feet. The rest of the city is destroyed by Katarina boob smashing it.

City 4. Katarina humiliates the final city. She says nothing has stopped her so far, so why would this one? She questions where the tanks are, and where the planes are. She laughs when there is no response. Katarina says she is going to cause more butt destruction. She says, “This is about to get serious.” and takes off her yoga pants. She shows her butt off. She says she is pretty sure her butt is wider than the diameter of the city. She squats over the city (back facing direction of camera) and tries again to get it to smell her butt. When it refuses, she sits on the entire city and smashes it. While seated on it, she asks, “Where is the city? I can't find it anywhere” and laughs.

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