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Sahrye in Groundhog day Moms decision

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Sahrye in Groundhog day Moms decision
Running Time:
40 Minutes

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Tags: Shrinking, taboo, sahrye, crush
Description :     Giantess Mother/Son, All POV The sad day has come, Daniel has shrunken too small and the next time he shrinks, he'll be crushed just by the molecules in the air. Holding him in her hand, the giantess mother realizes that she has no choice but to end him or he'll have to suffer a terrible end. So before each end, have her be really loving and caring: giving lots of cleavage hugs, kisses, and pats as she goes over the way she has chosen to get rid of him (so like maybe she read online that crushing him in this way is the more humane, or for the sexy endings, she read it on his computer that he liked it cause he has a giantess fantasy, something like that basically) and that she loves him so much and will miss him when he's gone. When she goes to get rid of him she tells him how this is the best thing for him and he should try to enjoy it. Every time the son dies, the day starts over and the model has no memory of the other times she has ended her son Daniel just like before. As for Smother types of endings: Shoe stomp, Barefoot stomp, Vore, Butt Crush, thigh crush, Cleavage Crush, Cleavage Smother, Kiss Smother then vore, force tiny son to masturbate onto cleavage then crushed in cleavage, used as a sex toy/masturbation smother then swallowed. If you run out of time, you don't necessarily have to do all of these and in this order. Also if you have more time, please adlib more endings. Anyway let me know if that works and which models are available. Also, are you still filming with the coronavirus? If not, I can get this one whenever those restrictions are lifted. Like before, I put a bunch of model options but if there is one you are working with sooner, let me know and I might choose them instead. Thanks and have a good one.

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