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This City is fucked VR360 4k

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This City is fucked VR360 4k
Running Time:
26 Minutes

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Tags: giantess,keri spectrum, city crush, pov, vr360, 4k, vr sex, body explore, kissing
Description :     This is basically a City Attack video plus a sex-toy Video. The VR/PoV camera starts on the roof of a building in the city. The giantess enters the city moaning about needing satisfaction. Her footsteps boom as she walks around the city touching herself involuntarily. Her massive body is in heat and she is so big that she is having problems getting off. After a trip or two around the city, she spots a tiny man (The VR/PoV Camera) and she kneels down in front of the building he is on and checks him out. She likes what she sees and then plucks him off the building to be her new boyfriend. She tells him to not be afraid and walks him around the city, showing off her massive body and turning herself on with her booming footsteps. Walking around at her size makes her increasingly horny and she gets more and more sexual with her tiny boyfriend. During this time of lust and sex, the giantess gives her tiny lover: a boob job, a blow job, multiple grinding sessions (both in the street or on a rooftop), kisses and make-out sessions, a body tour and anything else that she thinks would be fun. Her sexual tensions eventually builds up so much that the giantess starts grinding buildings in an effort to cum, while her tiny lover is helplessly along for the ride. She loses control and her lust finally takes over as she places her lover in her panties for a fuck they will both never forget. After she orgasms, she lays around moaning for a little bit before reaching in and plucking her tiny lover out of her panties. Finally satisfied after her massive orgasm, she gives him kisses and happily walks out of the city, footsteps booming.

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