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The best and last orgasm of your life - VR360

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The best and last orgasm of your life - VR360
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, in-nylons, JOI, cum countdown
Description :     As Ivory's perverted boss, you just couldn't help yourself. you are obsessed about her since the very first day she came to work...and especially, obsessed about her perfect feet. at some point, you just couldn't resist the temptation and used a shrinking device to get yourself down to the size of a bug. you had to have just one, CLOSE look at her wrinkled soles and those toes that you've been dreaming about for quite a while...

Getting caught wasn't part of your plan now...was it? Ivory finds you. to your surprise, she knows EVERYTHING about your foot-fetish, and noticed how you kept on staring at her nyloned feet at work. you're afraid she's going to crush you, but she actually choose to use your weakness against you, and tease you to the border of insanity, placing you in between her enormous, wrinkled soles, wiggling her sexy toes all over your tiny body...and eventually, dropping you into her sweaty nylons! she can see that you're getting insanely hard, and force you to stroke for her inside her nylons! you will have the best...and maybe the last! orgasm of your life...

The tease might be just too much...

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