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Megan Jones is your Foot-Goddess

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Megan Jones is your Foot-Goddess
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Tags: giantess, toes, foot-fetish, extreme close-ups, ground shakes, shrinking, tiny miniature
Description :     You are so infatuated with Megan's exquisite feet, you actually shrunk yourself down into the size of a bug, just to be able to lurk on them. you thought she will never notice you...

You were wrong.

Megan is a foot-GODDESS. she senses you at once. her foot stomps make the very foundations of your world shake, as she gets closer and inspects you with amusement. she knows EXACTLY why you're here, and she might give you what you wished for.

A classic miniature-based video, spiced up with some sound effects and shakes...and of course - Megan's amazing talent and stunning toes! as hot as ever.

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