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Anastasia's victims - Unaware - SFX

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Anastasia's victims - Unaware - SFX
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, unaware, ground shakes, booming sounds, crush, butt crush, vore, pov
Description :     Beautiful Anastasia arrive home after a long day. she's tired and hungry. little does she knows, but her house is filled with tiny, insect-sized people! as Anastasia walks toward her kitchen, each step she takes creates a small earthquake for the poor tiny folks! Anastasia might be sweet and beautiful - but unfortunately for them, they are probably doomed, and she won't even know about it...

a fun Unaware theme with a lot of shakes, booming sounds, unaware crushes, pov, butt-crush, flip-flop crush, and cereal vore. Enjoy!

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