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Sahrye Bigger is Better with help from Dr Gary

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Sahrye Bigger is Better with help from Dr Gary
Running Time:
35 Min

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Tags: Sahrye, MEGA, Giantess, crush, vore, building destruction, growth
Description :     It would start out with Sahrye being in a room reading a book and she notices that there is something in the book and when she gets to that page there is a vial with a liquid in it and the page on the left it talks about how if she drinks the liquid it will make her a giant and then she sees the page on the right and that page talks about how if she wants to become a mega giantess she would have to find the one named Josh and absorb him by putting him between her butt cheeks so then she would drink the vial and grow into a giant and once she becomes a giant she start rampaging the city looking for Josh she would destroy the city while looking for him meanwhile there is a lot of focus on her boobs and butt and she mentions that how big her boobs are and how big her butt is and how that when she finds him that she will play with him and make him kiss her toes and her boobs before finally getting gobbled up by her massive butt cheeks there would be a good amount of walk over maybe a couple of scenes where she stand in front of the camera facing both ways talking about big she is but how much bigger she wants to get after she puts Josh between her butt cheeks she moans and grows and talks about how big she is going to get as well as the camera zooms in to see her butt growing then with the paper city she would talk about how massive she is and how she is going to destroy them with her now colossal butt and how she will continue to look for ways to get even bigger.

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