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Your personal assistant - forever (4k)

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Your personal assistant - forever (4k)
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, feet, foot fetish, toes, JOI, tiny miniature, extreme close-ups
Description :     Orias's perverted boss was acting inappropriately lately, giving her all kinds of stupid remarks about her feet. she has had enough

The last thing he remembers was drinking his coffee, as he wakes up, tiny and helpless, at Orias's enormous toes. he wanted her feet? he'll get them. and Orias will get whatever she wants from him. she teases him senseless, tapes him to her big toe, and making him fuck her big toe, using her toe sweat for loob. he will cum - and give her the raise she has been asking for ages, that's for sure!

Lady Orias is as brilliant as ever in this classic miniature-based foot JOI shrinking video! fans of the genre will enjoy this one!

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