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Keri has a tiny footboy under her desk JOI

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Keri has a tiny footboy under her desk JOI
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: keri, feet, doll,
Description :      Keri walks in while on the phone, completely ignores the dummy and sits down at the desk. Hangs up the phone, kicks off her shoes and turns to the laptop and rests her feet on the dummy's crotch.  First 7 or so mins, just have her completely ignoring the dummy, rubbing her feet gently in the dummy's crotch, and alternating between that stretching out her feet to relax on the dummy's head, back to the crotch etc. Have her take a few calls, happy for you to ad lib the dialogue, but if she gets frustrated she'll rub more vigorously etc. Last 3 mins, have Keri look under the table and say "ugh, are you getting HARD? Are you enjoying this? Well, better finish you off in your pants" and have her rub the dummy's crotch more deliberately with her feet, trying to make it finish in its pants. Have her end the scene with her counting down to the dummy finishing, and then she puts on her shoes and walks out of the office.

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