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Micro boy interrupts step moms zoom Call

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Micro boy interrupts step moms zoom Call
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: keri spectrum , climb , cleavage , pov , shrinking, taboo
Description :     I wanted to see if you were down to film a Giantess step Mom / Shrunken step Son type scenario. Here is the setup, the camera will be third person and POV but as if it was a livecam on a laptop or something, Step Mom is dressed up for an important conference call,  This is happening in a world where a virus like covid breaks out but instead of making people sick, this virus gives women the sniffles but it shrinks males down to fractions of an inch tall. Your step son has caught the virus, and everyone is forced to work from home in a similar way to stay safe. Anyway, this is an important conference call so she has to be professional. She is setting everything up, checking her makeup etc, and yells to the rest of the house, not to bother her while his step mom is on the conference call. This is very important. That includes him (shrunken step son) wherever he is. When she is ready she greets everyone and tells them she is happy to be there working from home is weird yada yada, small talk stuff. But soon the call is underway, and she is listening on her earbuds, taking notes intently. She feels something crawling on her, and looks down to see it's her step son, he's so tiny he's invisible to the camera, but she can see him (interacting with an imaginary speck of a step son, I don't know if you could mix in some POV in this vid but it would be awesome). She doesn't want to cause a scene so she calmly brushes him off her breast, and gives him a look as he falls to the floor. She goes about her business trying to refocus and he comes up again, this time she thinks it might work if she knocked him into her cleavage and slightly squeezed him between her massive breasts.. playing it cool of course not to rouse suspicions from her colleagues. She nervously flicks him into her cleavage and then glances down to see him as she adjusts herself so that her breasts are squeezed together.. pinning him for the moment. She is surprised when one of her superiors confronts her by asking if "everything is alright, you seem distracted.." she reassures him everything is fine and even agrees with the last point that was made it will definitely streamline their new delivery service.. besides anything to help out the mother's out there.. she nervously smiles and glances down between her breasts.. The meeting moves along.. She listens but feels her step son beginning to climb out of her cleavage.. and quickly acts like she has an itch or something looking down at her breasts and poking him back down into her tits.. Blah Blah blah she listens to a few more seconds before everyone agrees to a 5 min break... she agrees and then TRIES to turn off the video feed and

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