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Jasper's tiny foot-stalker

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Jasper's tiny foot-stalker
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Tags: giantess, foot-fetish, shrinking, nylons, in-nylons, ground-shakes, pov, JOI, cum countdown
Description :     Some obsessions might go too far. such was the case of one foot-freak who was infatuated with Jasper Reed. he was willing to do anything to get close to her gorgeous feet. anything but approaching her and actually telling her about his little secret.

So he managed to shrink himself down and creep into her house. he thought he could have a glimpse - maybe even a taste - without her noticing him, and get away with it.

He was wrong. his mistake is a dire one...but one that while risking his very existence, might actually grant him an experience worth an unimaginable price. his very own life.

While filmed as a classic miniature-based video, this is the one to grab. it features some ground-shakes, insanely sexy feet & toes scenes, in-nylons pov, Joi and cum countdown, and of course - one extremely talented and beautiful Jasper Reed. Enjoy!

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