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The taste of a break-up - SFX

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The taste of a break-up - SFX
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, feet, foot-fetish, foot worship, dirty feet, joi, cum countdown, crush
Description :     When Olivia invites her ex-boyfriend to her house, he thought to himself that she might wish to make up with him and forgive him for his past mistakes.

Olivia got something completely else in mind. what begins with an innocent smile and a drink, becomes the poor ex-boyfriend's worst Nightmare...or maybe it's actually his deepest fantasy, come true? once falling to her trap, Olivia makes her now tiny ex-boyfriend worship her dirty feet, before ordering him to lay down and humiliate himself by jerking off right under her sexy, enormous wiggling toes...

New green-screen shots, foot worship, foot humiliation, ground-shakes, and my very first tiny man JOI spiced up with gradual shrinking and topped with crush, as Olivia savors the sweet taste of a breakup. this video is fire! check it out and enjoy.

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