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Personal trainer - SFX Epic

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Personal trainer - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, foot worship, crush, size comparisons, evil giantess, sfx, toes, pov, SW, vore, ground shakes
Description :     Ayla's ex-boyfriend is quite shocked when he comes back home to find her waiting in the living room, smiling. they broke up and he already got a new girlfriend.

Things get a bit hectic when Ayla starts to seduce him with her feet. she knows that his current girlfriend - despite being a skinny model and not "fat" like her - hates his foot fetish. he claims that he gave it up, but Ayla's wiggling toes right into his shocked face prove otherwise...as he succumbs to the temptation, he starts to feel dizzy...and that's when his worst nightmare begins. Ayla will become the personal trainer's personal trainer, as he dwindles down to the size of a bug. what awaits him is going to be tougher than any session at the gym...the workout of his life!

The poor tiny man will be holding on to dear life on the tip of Ayla's huge finger, above a smoldering stove, trying to hold Ayla's big toe with his bare hands, doing pull-ups on an enormous Q-tip, performing dips in between Ayla's sexy soles, and much more! the price of failure is dire...

This video contains foot-worship, shrinking, ground-shakes, various crushes and various sizes, falling from a height, falling on a thumbtack, scenes that I never did before with a whole new set of green-screens to accomplish them, vore, SW, and more!

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