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Brandy Trashes the entire Country

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Brandy Trashes the entire Country
Running Time:
34 Minutes

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Tags: Brandy, MEGA, Giantess, crush, pov, ass, feet, booms, shakes
Description :     Details - Brandy was upset the way a guy treated her. She couldn't stand him. As a result, she wants to trash his country. Well, Brandy just grew super tall and that is exactly where she is located. She is super excited to get him back. City 1. Brandy smashes this city with her feet and the palms of her hands. She compares its ugliness to the ugliness of that guy. City 2. Brandy smashes this city doing boob smashes. She always wanted to do damage with her boobs, and now she can.  City 3. Brandy smashes this city with her butt by sitting on it. She squats over it a few times to make sure she can get it all with her butt. The city has a lot of pollution, so it smells really bad. Well, Brandy thinks she can rival it or exceed it with the smell of her butt. She always wishes she would have made that guy smell her butt. City 4.  Bonus City (Do anything)  Mix. Some great foot crush and handheld and boob crush. City 5. Double sized City. Brandy also wants to smash this city with her butt. She tries to figure out if she can get it all with her butt. It looks like she cannot, so she gets angry and upset about it. Brandy has to destroy some of it so she can sit on it all. 

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