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Jamie Unaware Lunch Break SFX

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Jamie Unaware Lunch Break SFX
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: Jamie Daniels, pov, booms, shakes, sfkx, unaware, shoes
Description :     The video begins with the wife getting her purse, today is her first day of work at the local bank and she's nervous. She knocks on her husband's office door to say she is leaving for work, and she also tells him to be careful since he is inventing a shrinking formula in his lab/office. A few minutes go by and the  wife is calling him to ask him how his day is going (you can show a scene of her on the phone). When she realizes there's no answer, she decides to head back to the house on her lunch break (she doesn't live far). The wife enters the house and her high heel shoe lands next to her tiny husband. She is confused and comments that the husband's car is still in the driveway (she can tap her foot in a way that causes the husband to step back). She can't see or hear her husband as he stands by her shoe. He looks up at her. He climbs onto her shoe and causes an itch on her foot. He must climb her to get her attention. But the climb will be difficult. Meanwhile the wife starts to take a few steps to see if the husband is somewhere in the house; this causes the climber to hold on tight to her pant leg. The husband climbs up her leg, reaching her hip, he waits for her hand to come near. It does and he tugs at her jewelry, He climbs to her shoulder and looks down from her shoulder down to her shoes (to see how high up he is). He calls to his wife, She picks up his phone that's on the floor and tries to deduce if he's playing a game of hide and seek--she also says out loud that she needs to get back to work as her lunch break time allowance is almost over. The husband climbs one more time and tugs on her earring, but this causes the wife to move her head and the husband has to leap onto her hair--he dangles in front of her eye and she sees him! (normal view). There is a happy ending, she lets the husband climb down into her cupped hands and she sits at a chair to listen to how he can grow back to normal size.

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