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Lizzy's shrunken cities - SFX Epic

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Lizzy's shrunken cities - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, butt crush, giantess special effects, shrunken cities, micro
Description :     Being an extremely dominant woman, Lizzy has finally found a way to express the ultimate form of power she has been dreaming of for her entire life. she has made a deal with the devil himself, granting her the ultimate power she has been craving for: the power of a true Goddess. Lizzy can now bend time and space, summoning entire cities to her house...shrunken down to the 10000th of their actual size!

One city after the other, Lizzy summon them, soaking off the poor, microscopic inhabitant's screams of terror. she is enormous to them. an incarnation of a god.

a dark, evil god.

Lizzy torments the tiny cities on after the other. she floods one in a tsunami of her spit, crushes an entire city under her immense butt, showers a meteor swarm of sand from her gigantic, sexy toes, crushing a city under her heel and blowing another one with a puff of air. each city flashes into existence with a shimmering, magical burst of light only to be destroyed by the beautiful, evil Goddess.

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