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Vivians new Panty Guy

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Vivians new Panty Guy
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: pov, feet, hands, booty, panties, small man
Description :     It will start a POV shot of a 4-5inch guy on the floor. The giantess will be looking for him in her dress. She will say aloud how he can't hide from her and that it is inevitable that she stuffs him in her panties. She will find him and will play a quick game of cat and mouse and say that she can't wait to stuff him into her underwear. (Once she grabs him it will turn to third person). The giantess will hold the small guy and talk about how she loves that he is younger than her and how she loves being a cougar. She will then forcibly stuff him into the back of her panties( make sure no limbs stick out, he is fully trapped) and will then sit down on a chair or couch and will bounce up and down a few times telling the guy that she always gets what she wants. She will say she loves sitting on him and loves how he feels trapped under her. Once she does that she will stand up and take off her dress but leave her bra and panties on. Then she will take the guy out of the back of her undies and will then forcibly stuff him into the front of her undies. (Make sure no limbs stick out, he is fully trapped between her legs) she will savor how she looks with him trapped and will say that she likes how her panties look with him trapped inside. She then sexily walks back to the chair or couch and will sit down and then cross her legs squeezing the guy in her panties. She will switch her legs every once in a while and will talk about how he now belongs to her and that he will always live in her underwear. She will then stand up and put on her dress and will tell the guy that eventually she will swallow him whole, but not today. She then walks away.

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