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Sofi's feet lurker

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Sofi's feet lurker
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot fetish, toes, slow-motion, ground shakes, Joi, spitting, flip-flops
Description :     Sofi's feet are so perfect. her pervert ex-boyfriend just couldn't get over her. she's not only beautiful but also went along with his foot-fetish. after they broke up, he decided to go to extreme measures in order to get one more close look at her sexy toes.

that might be the biggest mistake of his life.

I'm pleased to introduce to you Sofi! she's a beautiful, young talent with a lot of potential, gorgeous blue eyes, and stunning feet! it's the first video we have filmed together, in a new location. I've also used a brand new camera equipment for some of the shots (you'll see...). very excited!

Ground shakes with true slow-motion (120fps), dangling, foot fetish & foot-humiliation, glass view, Joi, cum countdown, spitting, taped to flip-flops.

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