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Saving my shrunken Wife

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Saving my shrunken Wife
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: Vanessa Skye, shrinking woman, sfx, pov,
Description :     Vanessa stars as a fashion model and a wife to a man she loves dearly. Anyway Vanessa a is on at home taking a break from modeling when she hears a knock at the door and when she opens its her ex boyfriend who dumped her. She asks what he is doing here and says he wants her back since she's a fashion model now. Vanessa rejects him because she is married to a man whos named Jackson who likes her for who she is and also saved her life twice. HE asks her what she sees in him and she tells him that her husband was also there when she needed him the most. Enough, Vanessa tells him to leave and the ex threatens her to dump him but she refuses. Angry he pulls out a shrink ray and starts to shrink her. She doesn't notice it at first but she takes notice of it eventually. As she's shrinking she starts to panic. Vanessa begs him to stop and return her to normal size but he refuses. Vanessa begs, pleas, and demands him to return her to normal size but he refuses. Vanessa tells him that Jackson will kick his butt if he doesn't but he says he has a plan for him. Eventually the evil ex grabs Vanessa and they go back to his place and traps her in a bottle. She begs him to release her and this lasts awhile. He tells her that he took her phone and told Jackson that she will no longer be seeing him as she found a better looking man to be with. Shocked he tells her that she will be his pet now and he leaves to get pet food. Vanessa¬† tries to call to him but to no avail, all seems lost to her when suddenly out of nowhere Jackson appears. Vanessa call out to him and tries to get his attention but he doesn't see her at first but he eventually he sees her and he takes her out of the bottle. Vanessa tells him what happened and she asks him if there's a cure. He tells he that he grabbed the shrink ray from her evil ex and uses it on her and shes back to normal size. Vanessa praises Jack with flirting, and complementing, and appreciation.. She also asks him how he found her but then she didn't care since she's glad he found her. She tells him that her ex sent that text and she would never leave him for anyone. Jackson tells her that's how he knew something was wrong and went looking for her. She assures him that she loves him and they leave to call the cops. Video ends. Both Jackson and evil ex boyfriend are pov who don't talk.

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