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Vanessa in Bigger is way better

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Vanessa in Bigger is way better
Running Time:
59 Minutes

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Tags: Vanessa Skye, booms, shakes, vore, growth, giantess, mega, crush, building crush, ass, boobs
Description :     So it would start out like the bigger and bigger ones where she is in a room and talks about wanting to grow into a giantess and how she would love to crush buildings with her boobs butt and feet as well and how she has always wanted to become a giantess she then finds a book with a pill and it tells her about how she can eat it and grow bigger but on the next page she would have to find a guy named Josh and have him kiss her toes and squish him with her boobs and then shove him up her but so she can absorb him to grow into a mega giantess then she goes and destroys the paper city's and mentions how massive she is throughout the shoot and how big her boobs are and how she is swelling to massive proportions and she has a high sex drive and urge to find josh and grow that much bigger there is walk overs and some spots where she stands over the camera while the camera is pointed up at her she she can stand with her front and back facing the camera and when she looks down at it she talks about how big she is and how she is going to get that much bigger.

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