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Angelica takes what she wants

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Angelica takes what she wants
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, angelica vee, height comparison, facesit, cowgirl, doll, shrinking, small man, lifting, ass, boobs
Description :     Angelicas neighbor who she is crushing on caught the shrinking virus and she is very happy he did. first she stands him up to compare height's and then she lifts him up and puts him on the mat and contemplates how much fun it will be to be bigger then him. she then face sits on him and takes off her shirt. then checks out the bulge he is getting and straddles him and grinds on him cowgirl style pinning him down. she then takes her pants off and grinds on him more and puts his tiny face in her boobs as she grinds. She then stands him up and puts his face in her ass and crotch since he is just the right height then to show her power she wraps her legs around him explains how easy it would be to crush him but she is instead feeling his body sensually. then she lays him down and sits on his chest pinning him down and jokes about how heavier she is then him then face sits from behind. Now that she has established dominance she takes him home with her and tells him he will never be a big man again.

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