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Foot Massage ? SFX

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Foot Massage ? SFX
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: SFX, feet, pov
Description :     When Syllua wants a Foot Massage, She's going to get it one way or another. ... Never do a sloppy job. Mini Mister should have know better!

While sitting on the couch Syllua asks Mini Mister for a Foot Massage, but he does a terrible job since he's too focused watching his favorite team playing Volleyball. Despite her instructions, he just can't get it right... She keeps complaining till he finally looses his temper, insults her and stops massaging her feet.
She prepares him a favorite whisky for him to cool down... But instead, he "shrinks" down, since she dropped a shrinking pill in his drink.

She will now have a REAL foot massage while she makes Mini Mister suffer under her bare foot. She tortures him for a long time, rubbing him under and between her feet. She likes a vigorous massage so... In a prolonged agony, his bones break, his lungs collapse and finally his whole body bursts under her weight. Smearing his insides under her foot, she uses his blood and guts as a final feet ointment.

Finally, pleased with the Foot Massage, she abandons his gut remains in the living room floor and climbs the stairs up to her bedroom for a good night sleep.

This movie is totally devoted to Giantess and Foot Fetishes. There's an initial long close up scene of a foot massage, followed by unprecedented SFX scenes showing incredibly detailed interaction between the Tiny Man and the Giantess bare feet.

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