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Between toes fantasy SFX

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Between toes fantasy SFX
Running Time:
8.5 minutes

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Description :    

and not just any toes - goddess lena's PERFECT, beautiful, sexy, amazing, french-pedicured toes! lena trapped a tiny man in a peace of clay, and she taunt him with her beautiful feet and toes. lena's toenails and soles will make any foot-freak go CRAZY, and anyone which is not a foot-freak - become one! she keeps wiggling her gigantic toes all around the trapped tiny man, which feels like he is about to lose his mind from arousal. eventually - she trapped him in between her big & second toe - a place of heaven for so many of us. what a lucky tiny man! beautiful lena is as gorgeous as ever, and goes so well with our realistic special-effects!


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