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Cleaning Mei Mings High Heeled Sandals POV

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Cleaning Mei Mings High Heeled Sandals POV
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :     Mei Ming is starting to question if you're useful to her, so she puts you to the test, asking you to clean her sandals. You do your best on one but then you refuse to do the other so Mei threatens to step on you. You reluctantly get back to cleaning. She gets you to climb up her leg into her hand after Mei decides you didn't do a good enough job. Then Mei shows you the inside of her mouth (there is no additional lighting in this one). You're placed down on the floor again and get back to cleaning. She checks again after you're done and she still isn't pleased so she tells you to climb back up into her hand again after saying she plans to eat you. You do, and you end up forced into her mouth. Includes a short alternate ending where she just quickly steps on you for not cleaning her sandals well enough.

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