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Lenas foot slave for good SFX

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Lenas foot slave for good SFX
Running Time:
9.5 minutes

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Description :     a tiny man might be the luckiest man on earth, falling in the beautiful, delicate hands of goddess lena, but his life may be in danger as well. lena is very demanding, and wants him to worship her huge, amazing feet properly!!! lena's feet is simply stunning, with long, french pedicured toenails decorating her sweet toes. the tiny man do it's best, being dominated beneath lena's perfect soles and toes. eventually, lena shrinks him more and stuff him in the heaven between her toes. she might shrink him even more...and crush him at the end, beneath her gigantic, big toe! Foot-fetish with some of the most perfect feet around, hand-held, extreme-pov, shrinking, between toes. this clip is HOT and lena is breathtaking! clip speech is in russian, as all of lena's clips. enjoy!1920*1080,

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