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Amnesia Chapter III

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Amnesia Chapter III
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Tags: feet, comic 3d, small man, erotic,
Description :     James's memories are coming back, ever so slowly...as he wakes up inside the gigantic, humid boot of his girlfriend, Ania (Inna), he tries to escape from his prison in hope to find some help, before crazy Katia comes back...he still hopes that the "dream" will end and he'll find himself laying at his bed, next to his beloved Ania. and yet, next to the terrifying reality (or what seems like it, anyway) of getting smaller and smaller, and having death's shadow upon his puny body, lies and evil more terrible truth, which james only starts to glimpse at...

tons of feet action, in shoe, between toes, more shrinking, and some more light shed on dark tale of...you will see, eventually :).

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