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olgas tiny man in stockings

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olgas tiny man in stockings
Running Time:
17 minutes

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Description :    

a WOW clip with goddess olga! olga, with her sexy long legs and marvelous black-painted feet, covered with stockings, comign back home and complaining about the tiny man inside her stockings, which bothered her walking! he is just around 4" tall, and olga let him breath and inhale her foot sweat while he is traped inside her nylons! then she takes him out and wiggle her amazing toes all over him, so he could sniff the sweet sweat odor!!! olga continues by shrinking the poor man even further, to less then 1" tall! she torment him with her nyloned sexy feet, place him on the tip of her streched nylon between her toes, touching him all along with her long french perfect finger nails. finaly - olga had enough - so she drops the tiny man into her stockings and wears him(omg he is so lucky! wish it was me! :) )and off course you get to se it all from his special pov, from out side the nylon, and from inside while also seeing the helpless tiny man between olga's toes! beautiful sexy clip with extreme close ups and subs


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