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A Giant Attraction Part 1

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A Giant Attraction Part 1
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Description :     Dazed Betty has found herself shipwrecked in a far away land. Her clothes are tattered and her skin a deep tan from the days of brutal sun out at sea. Exhausted from her journey, she passes out on the ground for a long needed catnap. Deep in sleep she doesn't notice the diminutive townspeople and military presence circling around her massive body. Miniscule men, not even the size of her pinky finger, tie her limbs to the ground with twine and spend the next 50 minutes securing her colossal body in place. They have never seen such a beautiful giant and are not sure what to do with her. See from the tiny men's perspective as they cling her skyscraper sized limbs and bury themselves in her thigh high pantyhose and torn dress. Eventually, well rested from her long nap, Betty sits up and breaks from her ropes with ease. She laughs at their feeble attempts to secure her and leaves the mini village to search for civilization.

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