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Nightmare Noir

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Nightmare Noir
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :     It is a nightmare many of My pets have had over the years… I wander into the studio, a song in My throat and a smile on My face when I find you, one of My more disobedient pets, has gotten out of your cage AGAIN! You stand frozen in fear as I approach you - I am seriously pissed and curse you out before giving you the opportunity to make it up to Me by polishing My shoes. You grunt and groan, working up a sweat as you buff and polish My sexy heels. I love the sound of you struggling with the task, but is it enough? After you polish My shoes to a shine I demand that you crawl up My fishnet stockings onto My lap so that I can decide your fate…how frightened you must be, but of course you obey Me. After some manhandling, squeezing and threatening, I tease you by giving you the peek up My dress that you were so hoping for moments ago when you were beneath Me on the floor. But of course, you just cannot behave yourself and as you reach out to touch My garter, I snatch you up and squeeze the life out of you! 100% POV

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