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Deep Dark Secret 2 The Inside Job

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Deep Dark Secret 2 The Inside Job
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Well it looks like Doctor G is in for it again, guess it's kinda hard for a tiny guy not to get eaten by big ole hungry girls right? This time he's being eaten by none other then Miss Kbella, or should I say Diamond Thief Kbella? Yes, the story line of this video revolves around a certain 'supposed' diamond thief that has just currently eaten her sought after and stolen prize after she was able to snatch it up and for some reason or another she is unable to pass it! So who does she call, that's right she makes a visit with Doctor G, the shrinking scientist. Now in this video we are taken directly to the scene where Kbella has come to her appointment with Doctor G, who is now shrunken. Looming slightly over the Doctor, Kbella tells the tale of her plight with the diamond and promises to reward the good doctor with a part of the cut...that is...if...he can let her swallow him...This of course is debated over some as the Doctor is unsure of the situation, I guess you could even say that he doesn't feel completely safe with the idea. Of course though his doubts are pushed aside with the promises of wealth to fuel his research, to be rich, and...to be inside the mouth of one rather stunning looking woman who promises that it will be as fun as being on a slip and slide! A very convincing Kbella indeed, and soon to be a well fed Kbella as the Doctor agrees and has her raise him to his mouth where upon he is swallowed by the more than eager diamond thief. With a deep moan and closed eyes Kbella swallows Doctor G down, her hand slowly tracing down after the doctor with her fingers sliding down her neck, her chests and finally to her belly where upon she rubs her stomach in satisfaction as she shakes it around, feeling the tiny doctor within her...


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