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The magicians tiny adventure unaware epic SFX

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The magicians tiny adventure unaware epic SFX
Running Time:
21 minutes

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Description :    

beautiful ella decided it's time for her beauty sleep. she takes a nap on the sopha, in sexy shorts, with her french pedicured sexy feet bare and toes wiggling lazily. what a perfect opportunity for the pervert magician that sneaked into her house! now he got a chance to fulfill some of his deepest fantasies! he always dream about shrinking down and exploring the feet and divine body of a gorgeous goddess, viewing her from as close as possible, and from various sizes, without her even knowing he exists! the magician gets right into work and cast his first shrinking spell. as the clip goes on, the magician explores ella's amazing, sweaty soles, her perfect toes and in between them, her gorgeous long toenails, her cute belly-button, her pretty, sexy, pink-colored fingernails, her lips, all the while casting one shrinking spell after another - and teleporting himself from one hot location to the next. he is a powerful wizard - and got plenty of power to fulfill his kinky needs, and save some to grow back into normal size at the end. he is responsible - and won't get carried away with his shrinking! or will he? ;) while the hot, sexy action, spiced with great pov & extreme-pov shots, is taking place - there is a MANA bar on the side, showing how much magical energy the magician actually got left...unique idea never seen before! unaware, feet, soles, toes, toenails, belly-button, fingernails, lips, pov, extreme-pov, shrinking, micro-shrink, sound-fx and terrific special effects as always - a new EPIC for ella's devoted, and generally for any giantess/shrinking lover with a taste for great, unique special-effects, quality footage, and awesome camera-angle.s


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