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Beautiful Bully

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Beautiful Bully
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     Once again, Preya neglects to take out the trash! I have had it up to HERE with Her! We end up arguing and before I knew what was happening, Preya punched Me in the face! Outraged, I showed Her what I am really made of- and I begin to grow! Rather than being frightened- She calls Me a tall psycho bitch! The little pip-squeak starts punching, kicking, stomping on My feet. She climbs up My body punching and swearing all the way until she is at last on top of My head, punching Me in the face! I finally run out of patience and pry Her off My head, dangle Her over My extended mouth and eat Her headfirst! Inside My belly, She is STILL fighting Me! Punching and swearing at the top of Her little lungs. My belly grows with Her inside it and it is most uncomfortable so I decide to use some of My magic to quickly absorb Her quickly. You can watch My belly shrink down until at last, She is gone! NOTE: there is another version of this clip. The content is the same, but the editing gives it a nice throwback to the 1960's Batman series sort of feel. Very comic book-like.

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