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Snacking with friends and Family

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Snacking with friends and Family
Running Time:
14 minutes

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Tags: Vore, handheld, Hannah, chewing,
Description :     A girl is hungry and heard from her best friend about eating little men and she would like to try. She order a package with 10 or 15 little men and began to eat the first after she discovers that all the little men who she bought are all her friends including her best friend. At first she is scared about it.But after a second she think that they taste really good and goes on eating them. When they pick up them they recognize them calling their names and telling something about them. After that she thinks she did the right thing eating them and satisfied making an evil smile. I'd like to have a lot of evil smiles before and after the eating. I don't really like swallowing but i prefer chewing (open mouth and close mouth, both are nice). The eating should be quite fast without sucking or licking... just the vore scene. The small people should be plastic people but not micro people. eating not only her friends but also her parents and her brother.

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