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Hanna enslaves her ennemy

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Hanna enslaves her ennemy
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Description :    

Hanna and Johanna was two friends until Johanna had sex with Hanna's boyfriend. She was her best friend, she's now her worst ennemy! She found a way to shrunk her and to enslaved her to her young emogirl's feet. She wore her socks all day and they are very smelly. She decides to start the torture by puting her new slave in her dirty socks, then by making her sniff between her toes and eat the toejam. She slowly crush her, step by step. First leg, second leg, first arm, the second one, tease her a lot about the pain, then ask her if she wants to say something before to . No? Crush. Hanna SPEAKS FRENCH in this video, INCLUDING ENGLISH SUBTITLE


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