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Gruesome Three some SFX

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Gruesome Three some SFX
Running Time:
19 Minutes

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Tags: SFX, GIANTESS, vore, feet, handheld
Description :     Deeane is testing a shrinking formula, for later using it in her ex-boyfriend.
She attracted the Postman, the Milkman and the Newspapaer Man inside her house and shrunk them. She doesn't plan to let them go alive... And she invited Gloria to join the fun.
Three tiny guys are sadistically tormented: They blow them away, then choke them with smoke, they crush them under their feet, they smoother them under Deeane's butt and Gloria's breasts... And they eat them alive.
Giantess Deeane and Giantess Gloria like you've never seen them, in a Mini Mister adventure. Mind blowing Special Effects and top knotch acting! This video will revolutionize the Giantess Fetish Film Scene!.

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