Sarge's Girls

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Sarge's Girls
Running Time:
44 minutes

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Tags: pov, sfx, feet, giantess, BlondZilla, Suzi
Description :     This was custom Request. The scenerieo would be the girls rumbling around the city in tiny bikinis... The way they where enlarged was from a alien ray gun I found and made them both the offer to become goddessss ... In the city scene I would like to see he buildings not really be past their wast lines ... Lots of crawling and playing in the city with each other ... Grabbing cars and people rubbing all over each other's body's ... Putting cars and people in their boobs , down painties , in each other's belly buttons ... Basicly just l loving their size Next would be them wanting to be bigger and I could be on top of a building and shoot them to giga size...Next scene would be them giga and have them talk about how they can collect all the landmarks of the world like the empire st building and Effiel tower and wear them as body jewlrey or make a pandora bracelet out of them ..The very end scene will have them wanting to grow so big that they can hold the earth and moon in there hands ... For the giga please have them picking up the buildings and placing them all over their bodies (boobz, legs , belly button , painties ,,, ) also could they be in topless in this as well with painties

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