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Imprisoned in the tumbler

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Imprisoned in the tumbler
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Tags: giantess, foot fetish, tumbler, vr360, extreme pov, countdown
Description :     DISCLAIMER: This is a Virtual-Reality(VR) 360 video, which can only be viewed properly by using a VR headset or the ricoh-theta software. DO NOT BUY IT if you don't know what this means. otherwise - enjoy the ride! ;) Sexy Savannah teases you with her flawless, french pedicured feet. there is an immense steel-made construction towering right next to you. it takes a while for you to realize its her stainless steel tumbler! Savannah decides to drop you inside her huge tumbler, and tease you with her beautiful face and wiggling toes far, far above you. you'll might even get lucky with a countdown at the end! extreme pov vr360 inside! p.s: this specific tumbler is OUR brand, and you can find it on amazon! search for SLK sasquatch 30 oz tumbler and us this coupon to get a 10% discount: SLKSST10

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