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Gobble YOU up!

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Gobble YOU up!
Running Time:
11 min

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Tags: vore, pov, cheese, eaten, shrunk
Description :     Your ordeal begins when Cali invites you over for "lunch" knowing you have a crush on her and you'll do just about anything she asks. When she offers you some water, you think nothing of it...until you begin to feel strange and shrink to the ground until she looks like giantess! She picks you up and places you on the edge of a plate in your new form- little, tiny turkey man! You helplessly watch as she piles up cheese, produce and condiments onto a slice of bread. She licks, kisses and teases you before placing you in the middle of her sandwich as the final ingredient. You feel all the food squish around you as she takes bite after bite, eventually tearing into your itty bity body. She rubs herself sensually as the nutrients absorb into hers. She just loves the way little men taste!

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