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A tale of love & Hate - SFX Epic

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A tale of love & Hate - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, nylons, toes, toenails, micro, soles, in-nylons, ground-shakes, hide-&-seek, gentle giantess, evil giantess, foot worship, vore/tongue, pov, crush, spit
Description :     She truly loved him. loved him enough to fulfill his deepest desires. she even liked his extreme fetish for her sexy feet... . when Gorgeous Dee finds out about her boyfriend's shrinking fantasy, through his secret diary, she is thrilled and delighted. she can actually make this peculiar, yet exciting desire a reality, or at least very close to it. her lover will have his deepest sexual fantasies come true, and after playing, they will have the best sex ever...or will they? that depends on whether she also finds out about him cheating on her with her best friend... this is a tale of love & hate, and the very thin border in between those two immense realms, shattered and broken. An epic special-effects, featuring one of the hottest goddesses out there - the beautiful Miss Lady Dee. foot fetish nylons/stockings shrinking ground shakes hand-held soles worship toenails worship in-nylons gentle giantess-->evil giantess hide & seek micro tongue/vore under/between toes spitting crush

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