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Amber's unaware pets - SFX

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Amber's unaware pets - SFX
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Tags: amber berlin, unaware, SW, foot worship, toes, toe crush, body roaming, vore, pov
Description :     Two tiny people, a man and a woman, are lurking about in Amber's house while she takes her afternoon nap. terrified as they are, they can't resist her divine beauty and their inner need to worship her. the tiny woman gets to her huge, sexy soles and worship them as best as she can, while the tiny man behold everything from a relatively safe spot on the table. the tiny woman then starts roaming the giantess's sexy body, ending up next to her huge lips. Then Amber wakes up, and see her! she catch the poor tiny woman between her fingers and tease her, eventually dropping her down into her gapping mouth and eating her alive while the tiny man watch in terror. he, on the other hand, will end up under her flawless, massive, beautiful and yet cruel toes!

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