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New Goddess speaks to her people

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New Goddess speaks to her people
Running Time:
37 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Cali Logan, Giantess, Crush, Goddess Takeover
Description :     This is about a girl named Kelly played by Cali Logan who was part of a group of women who grew in the past, The video starts later when Kelly is normal size and is complaining about her job and normal life when she grows out of her house, The growth scene is quick(This is not a growth video). Cali then takes over and most of the video is of her getting interviewed but at one point another Giantess is attacking a city and Kelly tells her to stop and when she does not listen Kelly grows again and you see the girl cowering then cuts to later when Kelly has a last interview to talk about how she is new ruler of the world. As for as giantess action It is on par with a 12minute video. So I am pricing it as a 10min clip. The lines are scripted and normally I would not take a custom with this many lines that have to be spoken but this was written so well that I was excited to do it.

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