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Mine. forever. SFX EPIC (SW)

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Mine. forever. SFX EPIC (SW)
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Tags: giantess, shrinking, foot-fetish, toes, sfx, vore, soles, shrunken woman, micro, butt crush, in-nylons, hand-held
Description :     Gorgeous Stella liberty got a secret crush on her best friend's boyfriend. they are engaged and about to get married. Stella knows about his foot-fetish, and that his fiance'e is totally NOT into it...eventually, her lust for him overcomes reason, and she decides to go for it. she seduces him using her insanely sexy feet...and some black magic. once he succumb, he's about to go through the ride of of life...and also, there's a big (or actually, very little...) surprise! this is one of the best videos we've released so far. Stella Liberty is simply divine. you'll find inside tons of scenes, including: * foot-fetish (dirty feet, pov, joi, cum countdown) * Sw & SM * soles worship, between toes. * hand-held, finger-held. * in-nylons pov * butt crush (with pov) * vore (with pov) * toes (between toes, under-toe crush, micro-shrink) * special effects & sound effects.

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