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Keri Video Vore Diary

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Keri Video Vore Diary
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Tags: Vore, handheld, pov, Nerdy Sister, sfx
Description :     Please have Keri dress like a nerdy school girl, please have her were glasses. The story is she is talking to the camera, she's making a video diary, So she's babysitting her brothers and friends but they get on her nerves so she finally does something about it, there on a plate and there tiny sized, and she eats them one by one, and she's recording everything so she can watch it over and over again. Please have her mention that some of them are her brothers and she's gonna eat them and please show good views of her mouth.

I wrote just a few lines. At the beginning can you just have her just talking to the camera like she's being interviewed. Then after we go to the plate scene. The whole video is a diary so she can enjoy watching it every day.

I'm making a video diary just for me to watch so I'll enjoy watching this every day, so I just want to start off by saying babysitting is a pain in the butt, but guess what, I finally found a way to end it. I shrunk my little brothers and there friends cause I can't stand them any longer, and there just the right size for me to eat them 'evil laughha ha ha,' but I'm gonna have to shrink mom and dad when they get home and take care of them too, 'evil laugh' but for now let's focus on my brothers. I don't want her to say evil laugh, I just wrote it there so she'll laugh evilly.

Plate scene. Her brothers names are Billy and Tommy.

Hey guess what little brothers, your big sisters gonna eat you and your pain in the butt friends, 'evil laugh' let's see I guess I'll start with you Billy, ready to be eaten little brother Cause I'm ready to eat you ha ha ha. Then at the end please have her say mmmm family sure tastes good

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