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Valentines Day - An Official Amanda Audiobook

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Valentines Day - An Official Amanda Audiobook
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: crush, barefoot, foot fetish, audiobook
Description :     Amanda's boyfriend had a simple request during their Valentine's Day dinner. It seemed innocent enough. He had this fetish for wanting to be shrunk and stepped on. With their scientific research, that was possible now. What would occur was a horrific awakening that Amanda would desperately try to forget.

Experience an official canon story that takes place before the events of FantaSize episode 1. A tale told by Amanda's actual voice actress from the series. Join in for the casual dinner conversation between the couple about their size changing research. Then hear Amanda's account of happened when they tested it out in her bedroom.

These are the untold events of Feburary 14th, 2005. Over a year before Misery found shrunken people in her apartment. This is Amanda as you've never known her before. The future looked so bright. What could have possibly gone wrong?

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