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Tags: giantess, shrinking, growth, mega giantess, special effects, crush, foot worship, foot fetish, toes, vore, car crush
Description :     Cydel's twin sister, Lena, is about to get married with the love of her life. on the outside, Cydel shows both Lena & her Fiancé kindness and that she is very happy for them. on the inside, though, she is completely consumed by jelousy. she's obsessed about Lena's Fiancé, and she also knows that their relatioship isn't as perfect as it seems... Cydel finds an ancient book and discovers that she and her twin sister should have been ONE person, and if she'll use the method within the book, and become one with Lena - she will have power beyond imagination... This is our forth EPIC GROWTH PROJECT. just as before expect havoc, meyhem and destructions, and growth beyond what the human mind can actually grasp. this one contains tons of awesome scenes, including: * foot fetish & foot-worship seduction * shrinking (SM & SW) * pov * gradual growth (final size is beyong mega) * crush (men/women/car) * buildings & city destruction * ground shakes and cracks * vore (not just people, but also an entire building and MUCH MORE, eventually ;) ) * the storm of Cydel (you'll see...) * building crushed between toes. * entire cities crushed under heel and toes * special effects & sound effects (booming sounds, explosions, earthqauke, etc!) * and more! as our other epic growth projects, such as "Jolenezilla" and "Day Of The Goddess", this project is one of the biggest, best projects we have released.those comes once in a blue moon, as you all know, so grab it, and enjoy the 40+ minutes ride. thank you for supporting GSF!

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