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Caught Spying on 4 giant brats - VR 360 HD

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Caught Spying on 4 giant brats - VR 360 HD
Running Time:
15 Minutes

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Tags: Virtual Reality 360, Feet, Soles, toes, Crush, Foot Domination
Description :     When you heard that your sister Sunshine has decided to have a little get together party with 3 of her best and hottest friends - Raquel, Indica and Nyxon - you just couldn't help yourself. You've used the last of your shrinking powder to get small enough to creep into the room and perve on them all. The girls are totally unaware of your presence at first as they walk around the room, almost stepping on you multiple times, but luckily you survive. Until you are spotted! Your giant sister reaches down and picks you up! She's mad at you, but the other girls think they can have some fun with you at this tiny size. The 4 girls circle you so there is no escape! They start threatening to squash you under their giant perfect feet! You are soon on foot hell as they enclose around you, leaving no room for escape as you become their foot play toy. They pick you up with their soles and toes, passing you around to one another. The smell is very strong as they have been in classes all day. They laugh at your teeny tiny predicament as you gaze up at their giant soles towering above you. You may have really messed up this time!

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