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Bento Box - An Akiko Audiobook

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Bento Box - An Akiko Audiobook
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Tags: vore, shrunken woman, masturbation, akiko, audiobook
Description :     Spring has finally arrived and Akiko is enjoying lunch outdoors again. In this story she's only recently moved to America and she's quite a loner. All of her friends are back in Japan and she doesn't really get along with anyone here. Needless to say, with Akiko's obsession being as obvious as it is, it's going to take awhile for her to fit in. So Akiko tends to eat lunch alone under a big tree she likes on the school grounds.

Like usual, she has a bento box packed lunch that her mom made for her. Today though, there's something moving around in her meal that's out of the ordinary. Finding a shrunken women mixed in with her rice, Akiko assumes that her mom must have put a vore fan in her food! Unfortunately for the tiny girl, Akiko is set on enjoying her lunch and making her prey feel welcome!

It gets more intense when all this talk about eating the tiny girl gets Akiko horny enough to start fingering herself.

Experience another incredible new tale as read by Akiko's official voice actress, Sarah from Canadian Giantess!

Also included on my Patreon at the $10+ tiers!

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